Sunday, May 17, 2015

If I'm naked, you could lose a leg Doom

I think I'm going to have to make this The Weekly Doom because it's just to damn hard to come up with one every day.  As you can see I've been struggling to write lately.

So, I've covered stair doom before...falling down stairs.  Pretty straightforward, right?

Well this one is a little different.

What if one of my housemates is coming down the stairs while I'm getting dressed and BAM a stair breaks under their leg.  They'd fall through the stair and beak their leg.  They'd be yelling for help and possibly be bleeding out.  (you never know, am I right?)

And there I'd be in the middle of putting my pants on wondering if I should just run out like that to help or take a moment to finish getting dressed before I went to help.

If I went out immediately, I would be indecent.

If I finished getting dressed, they could get angry at me or they could lose their leg, or worst case scenario, they could die stuck in the middle of the steps.

Because obviously their pain and suffering is ALL ABOUT ME.  *sigh*

I need a new brain.

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