Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Shoe Doom

Everyone knows that most new shoes need to be broken in a little bit, so why do I ALWAYS forget this fact when it comes to sandals?

Last week I bought myself a new pair of sandals (cheap ones, nothing fancy) that felt very comfortable.


I wore them for a short outing on Friday and they were good.  No problems.  I thought I was free and clear to wear them for a longer outing.

Along comes Saturday and I'm out and about all day walking around in these sandals when, BA-BAM (thank you swiffer lady for giving me that expression), shoe burn hits with a vengeance.  Do you know what shoe burn is?  It's basically a friction burn on the bottoms of your feet when you break in a new pair of sandals.

And it bloody hurts.  It feels like you're rubbing the skin right off the bottoms of your feet.

My feet are still a bit tender today.

Shoe burn.  It is evil.

You'd think I'd remember by now that this happens every damn time I get a new pair of sandals.

Sometimes I just have the dumb.

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