Monday, February 23, 2015

Food Poisoning Doom

So the other day my house mates went out for Thai food and brought me back some leftovers.  Yay!  I was looking forward to eating them for lunch the next day.

The  next day, lunch rolled around and I happily dug in to my crispy ginger beef with rice and a noodle dish with bbq pork.  It was awesome.  The ginger beef is like candied meat and the noodle dish reminded me so much of a noodle dish that my Dad used to make.

I was enjoying myself.

Later on my house mates and I planned to go into the city which is over an hour away.

After we all piled into the car and set out on our way, my house mates mentioned that they had both been sick in the night.  The only difference between them and I was the Thai food.  AND I HAD JUST EATEN THE THAI FOOD.

I immediately stared thinking that I was a time bomb to food poisoning and we were going to be far from home.

Tick, tick, tick....

Every slight pain or uncomfortable feeling I felt was the beginning of the end, I was sure of it. When one pain passed the next pain was the beginning of the end.

I started thinking about where the bathrooms were located in the store we were visiting.  I was filled with dread.  Not only were the bathrooms gross and the stall doors were always broken but just the thought of experiencing food poisoning in public was enough to make this atheist start praying.

Because, of course, the food poisoning was INEVITABLE.

We went to the store, we went out to dinner.....tick, tick, tick....

Nothing yet, but disaster could still happen, I was certain of it.  We still had a long drive home.

Tick, tick, tick....

So what happened?


Apparently it wasn't the Thai food.


Wrong again.  Whodathunkit?

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