Thursday, February 19, 2015

Freezer Doom

Lots of people out there have chest freezers in their basement.  I grew up with a particularly large one, say, one large enough to store a dead body.

Every damn  time I went downstairs to get something out of that freezer I actually cringed when I lifted up the lid wondering if there would be a dead body in there.

Not only that but I would often balance myself on the side of the freezer, tottering on the edge, to get food out.  What if there was a dead body  (that for some reason I didn't see at first) and I fell into the freezer with the door shutting on top of me?  What if I couldn't lift the lid from the inside for some reason?  This would leave me stuck in the freezer with a dead body until someone found me or I froze to death resulting in 2 dead bodies in the freezer.

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