Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stranger Danger Doom

This doom will be dating me a little.

Way back when Star Wars:  Return of the Jedi came out, my sister and I were lined up in front of the old Nelson theatre in Ottawa waiting to get tickets.  We were the only ones waiting at the time while our parents watched from the car across the street.

We stood there all excited to get tickets and see the movie but all of the sudden this guy came up to us and started chatting to us.  He seemed kind of harmless at first, just chatty.

All of the sudden he looked at me and said, "you look like my sister."  Big pause.  "I hate my sister."

Oh hell, I'm dead.

He's going to attack and kill me, hurt my sister, and  my parents are currently watching and laughing across the street with no knowledge that things had suddenly gotten weird.  My sister would be maimed and scarred for life, my parents would forever feel guilty for laughing while I was being murdered before their eyes.  It was an all around bad scene for everyone.

Just as I thought I was going to be in the papers as that girl who died trying to get tickets to Star Wars, he walked away.

By the way, the original trilogy is the only good trilogy.  The prequel trilogy sucks ass.

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