Saturday, March 7, 2015

Curiosity Killed the Cat Doom

How many OCD tendencies do you have?  I have a couple.

(I'm not trying to take anything away from someone who struggles with full blown OCD.  I can't imagine  how hard it must be to live that way.)

This time I'm talkin' doors.  Not The Doors, but doors that you walk through.

Every time I leave the house I have to push on a door exactly 3 times.  Why?  Because I imagine all sorts of doom and gloom happening to my cats should the door not be closed properly.  It may swing open and my indoor cats could get out.  They could get lost, hit by a car, eaten by a coyote (yes we have them down the street in a farm field), or freeze to death since it's winter right now.  MY POOR CATS!!!!!!!!!!!

Also of concern is the laundry room door.  One cat, Gonzo-man, has been locked in there twice now for several hours each time.  He still tries to get in there, 'cause, let's face it,  he's a cat and curiosity killed the cat. When it's laundry time around the house, I have to do a cat check before I can sleep just in case the darn cat has made it by the door and gotten locked in the room again.  What if he gets locked in there and we all leave?  What if he gets locked in there for a long time when it's really cold out and freezes and/or starves to death.


If I just checked stuff and pushed on that door 3 times, then it's all good and my cats are safe.

Makes total sense, right?


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